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Talk about what is important to people and give them the power to work on it themselves


For employees, the company is their ecosystem in which they expect to thrive

...and as we all in some way or the other are employees, this is thru for all of us.

Recent Harvard publications* suggest that we spend as much time at work as we do with friends and family. Both form the pillars of our quality of life. 

Both provide the living conditions in which we expect to thrive and grow. In this sense, the work-life of each of us is an important ecosystem.

As a company, we cannot take responsibility for our employees' personal lives. But we can contribute. We contribute to the quality of life of all employees, whether we know it or not, whether we control it or not. 

With Prosperland, you take the conscious and sustainable path. You put the responsibility for your employees' well-being, quality of life and prosperity in their hands. You simply create the conditions for them to create the conditions. 

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Creating impact with communication and measuring impact with Prosperland

The social sensors on which Prosperland is based were not chosen at random. They are the essence of 20 years of employee experience using AI. This has shown that the levers for happiness and satisfaction are pretty much the same across all cultures.


Prosperland focuses on these levers and makes them concrete at the everyday level. AI ensures consistency and stability.

Moreover, Prosperland condenses the many subjective impressions into an objective and transparent value.

For internal communication this means, there is an automatic list of topics with high imact that enables the communications department to select their focus and strategy.

The aim is to achieve maximum impact with internal communication. Prosperland makes it possible.

Unite people from all locations into a single ecosystem

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Our Check-Up App

Will the changes in our work environment be accepted? Do they help or hinder? Are we committed to ensuring that all changes have a positive social benefit? Where are we going?
Who better to answer these questions than our employees?  Using our SPOT-ON check-up app, they regularly submit their perceptions of the various "social sensors". This information is reflected in the island world of the company's ecosystem. From this, we derive what actions are appropriate to improve the quality of life in the company. Employees design their own Prosperland!

Stop losing talents!

The path to economic growth is largely through employees. As they grow, they contribute to the growth of the company. 

Of course, this only applies to employees who have the time to grow. A high turnover of employees is a brake on growth, because growth takes place primarily in a team. However, team growth must always pause when there is an exchange of members. 

Employee loyalty is therefore a core requirement for sustainable growth. However, loyalty is an attitude that can hardly be demanded if it is not nourished by an inner attitude.

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Try it yourself!

Click on our demo button, get entrance into Prosperland and look around. Use your mouse to dive deeper into details!


Roots and origins

A learning system

The concept and the way Prosperland works are the result of 30 years of experience with participation in companies, whether by employees or customers, supported by learning systems of AI.

This has shown how such systems of influence are accepted and how they work. In particular, the evolvement of AI based mehtods has led to the creation of complete feedback systems that operate in real time and have a control function. 

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With a common goal for all:
Das Besondere einer Kleinstadt liegt darin, dass jeder sehen kann, wie die Dinge zusammenh

"Best Company to work for"


What does Prosperland consist of?


Prosperland Configuration Website

From the Prosperland configuration page you can create new check-ups, create and link forum links and go to the results dashboard.
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Plan your Checkups

On the Publishing Calendar, you now have the ability to schedule your check-ups and automate publishing.


You can easily access your intranet here, so you can manage your live blog posts and internal communication at the same time.


On the forum website you can create a new forum for your community and also manage other forum channels
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Strong employees.
Strong teams.
Strong technology.

Strong company.
Strong future.

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