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Your driver is deciding the next stop in your future rides!


The company is an ecosystem for their employees

... because it creates the most important living conditions for people in their everyday lives - it creates quality of life.

Ecosystems are now well researched. Quality of life can be measured and improved in a targeted manner. Prosperland is the tool for this, involving all stakeholders in public communication. Prosperland's theme is the changes in the way people live together in the company. The result is a view of everyday life in the company across all groups of employees. From drivers to office workers!

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Best company to work at

Strong drivers, strong employees, strong future!

The special thing about a transportation company is that everyone can see how things are connected. How individual groups of employees need each other so that everyday life can be fair to everyone. 
Each group has its own perspective, and for each of us, what he or she sees is reality. 
Prosperland brings all these groups back together under a common goal:
We want a company that is a fertile ecosystem for its staff, with growth and well-being at its core. 

Where does the participation concept 'Prosperland' come from?

Self-learning systems

The concept and the mode of action of Prosperland are the result of 30 years of experience in participation in companies, whether employees, customers or suppliers. This has shown how such systems of influence find acceptance and have an impact. Above all, the application of AI has led to the emergence of complete feedback systems that function in real time and have a control function. 

Prosperland works in large companies. Why shouldn't it work in transportation companies, too? Prosperland helps employees express common (yet individual) interests by becoming the benchmark for policy and public discussion. 
In this way, quality of life can be enhanced in large, clearly structured transportation companies, just as it is in large companies of different interests.

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With a common goal for all:
Das Besondere einer Kleinstadt liegt darin, dass jeder sehen kann, wie die Dinge zusammenh

"Best company to work at"

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Our Check-Up App

Are the changes working? Who else can answer this question than the employees?  With our Check-Up App, they regularly submit their perceptions of the various "social sensors." This information is reflected in the island world of the company ecosystem. From this, we derive which measures are suitable for improving the quality of life in the company. The employees design their own Prosperland!

Image by Mika Baumeister

'Prosperland' shows the company as a 'supplier' of quality of life for their employees

With the help of 80 'social sensors' in coexistence

Blick aus der Vogelperspektive auf eine Autobahn

What does Prosperland consist of?


Prosperland Configuration Website

From the Prosperland configuration page you can create new check-ups, create and link forum links and go to the results dashboard.

Plan your Checkups

On the Publishing Calendar, you now have the ability to schedule your check-ups and automate publishing.
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You can easily access your intranet here, so you can manage your live blog posts and internal communication at the same time.


On the forum website you can create a new forum for your community and also manage other forum channels
Ingenieure bei der Arbeit

Strong workers.
Strong factory.
Strong industry.
Strong future.

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