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Prosperland as an employee feedback system

Prosperland is a response to the new demands placed on a feedback system:

1 - it must be part of a digital in

frastructure in order to work in exchange with other systems, receive signals and send signals.

2 - it must work in real time

3 - it must give an active role to the feedback giver

4 - the resulting data must be able to serve as robust measured values

5 - its results must allow individualization and orchestration.

6 - it must allow automated processes

7 - its results must have the character of a staggered system of key figures

In addition, there are the 'old' requirements that have always been important:

8- it must be fun for the user to work with it

9 - it must be fast and uncomplicated

10 - it must be understandable why

11 - something must happen as a result

12 - everything must be embedded in a communication strategy

Prosperland must be measured against these requirements

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