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The Human Ecosystem Blog

In this blog we talk about conditions for perceived quality of life. People live and work in communities and share work and goods. These communities define the basic human ecosystem in which people live and thrive. What determines an individual's well-being fundamentally are the factual and social conditions within those communities.

Prosperland works with an impact model

Prosperland works with an impact model for the organization of the influencing factors. The use of artificial intelligence has shown us that the motivation of an individual can be explained by 2 or 3 influencing factors, rarely once 4 are necessary.

However, Artificial Intelligence has also shown that (+/-) 12 factors can explain 85% of the decision-making behavior of a large collective. Interestingly, this value holds across countries and cultures.

Prosperland breaks down into several levels of impact. At the center is the target system (Target). Below that, Prosperland divides into four islands, each encompassing an area of experience. On these islands, there are four regions that divide the experience area into four themes. At the level below, there are four indicators, the sensors, which are the actual feedback points.

Each of these sensors can be deepened further. Under each sensor, a new island can emerge that describes how the data at that sensor comes about.

The working and view of the whole island landscape is only one of the possible representations. In everyday reality, working with a single island is the normal case. E.g., it may be an island 'restaurant car quality', which contains all factors that affect the perception of guests. All islands and all levels are subject to a continuous, chained logic, which always allows an analysis from 'bottom' to 'top' - and back.

The goal (or target system - target) is of particular importance. It serves as a reference value for all analyses and evaluations. The respective measured value of the target resembles a Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

When defining the sensor points, it is important that they have a realistic character. By this is meant that they can be experienced and assessed by people, and that they have a practical action dimension (i.e., if things are not going well, there are means to change them).

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