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Prospercity :

Stopping emigration

Retain the young

Promote immigration

Quality of life as a benchmark

Digital democracy as a means


The city is an ecosystem for its inhabitants

... because it creates the most important living conditions for people in everyday life - it creates quality of life.

Ecosystems are now well researched. Quality of life can be measured and specifically improved. Prosperland is the instrument for this, involving all stakeholders in public communication. Prosperland's theme is the changes in urban coexistence. The result is a view of everyday life in the city across all groups of the population.

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A good place to live

Strong citizens, strong city, strong future!

The special thing about a small town is that everyone can see how things are connected. How individual groups of citizens need each other so that everyday life can be fair to everyone. 
Each group has its own perspective, and for each of us, what we see is the reality. 
Prosperland brings all these groups back together under a common goal:
We want a city that is a fertile ecosystem for its inhabitants:inside, where growth and well-being are at the center.

Where does the 'Prosperland' participation concept come from?

Self-learning systems

Prosperland's concept and mode of action are the result of 30 years of experience in participation in companies, whether employees, customers or suppliers. This has shown how such systems of influence gain acceptance and have an impact. The use of AI in particular has led to the creation of complete feedback systems that function in real time and have a control function. 


Prosperland works in large companies. Why shouldn't it also work in small towns? Prosperland helps residents to express their common (yet individual) interests by making them the benchmark for politics and public debate. 

In this way, the quality of life in small, clearly structured towns can be improved just as much as in large companies. 

With a common goal for all:
Das Besondere einer Kleinstadt liegt darin, dass jeder sehen kann, wie die Dinge zusammenh

"Best Place To Live"

Image by Sigmund

'Prosperland' shows the city as a 'supplier' of quality of life for its residents

With the help of 80 'social sensors' in living together

With ongoing check-ups by the residents

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Our check-up app

Are the changes working? Who else can answer this question but the residents?  With our Check-Up app, they regularly submit their perceptions of the various "social sensors". This information is reflected in the island world of the urban ecosystem. This is used to determine which measures are suitable for improving the quality of life in the city. The residents design their own Prosperland!


Strong citizens.

Strong structures.

Strong city.

Strong future.

The goal

Prosperland supports cities in their ambition to develop their strengths in a way that focuses on the well-being of their residents.  Prosperland measures all points that have a decisive influence on the coexistence of residents and provides information on opportunities for improvement.

The approach

Residents are equipped with an app that allows them to react to changes. "In your opinion, has the redesign of Bürgerpark done the city any good?" Not everything has a positive effect on everyday life. This is seen as an opportunity for improvement. Participation is anonymous. Everyone has access to the results and sees the overall picture. 

The example of Wittenberge

Anker 2

"We want to be the place that gives its residents the best chance to grow and improve their living conditions."

The city needs you and your check-up on things that are important for everyone. 

You can have your say and help decide where you know your way around. 

What are the quality of life indicators that residents use to check up on themselves?

The check-ups take place at an everyday level and are extrapolated thematically. 

The end result is a quality of life index for the entire city - and for the most important groups of residents.

...and everything leads to quality of life: the best place to live is here!

Are these the right topics?

They may vary from place to place. But they must fulfill the same function: to contribute to the quality of life of the residents - from their personal perspective.

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