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Prosperland is a SaaS Software company, catering to B2B customers. We create virtual ecosystems that represent human 'social bodies', like a company, a town, a sports club. The ecosystem is run and fed by members, employees, citizens. Finally it displays the aggregated perception of the day-to-day living conditions, as perceived by the people.

Prosperland initiates a constant improvement of those conditions, steered also by the people. Prosperland suggests where to take action and finally measures success.

Our work is based on a AI models that have been matured over more than 20 years. We have developed ProsperAI, a way of turning qual into quant data.

Prosperland is an offspring of Metrinomics.
To find out more about how we can integrate with Metrinomics, please click here. 

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Laborstraße 1

19322 Wittenberge


Tel: +4930-695-171-0

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