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Stations and topics on my journey

until 1983


School years in Bremen,

studied communications engineering in Berlin,

2 years in Brazil (Sao Paulo - Recife), start-up of a printing company (Sassarico), discontinued due to illness,


Back in Berlin studied Economics and Business Administration, at the same time marketing manager of an IT company.

Active in the eco-movement, developing a method of Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Projects,

Moving to Bangkok as an expert in setting up the Renewable Energy Department in the Ministry of Energy of Thailand.

until 2001

San Francisco

Founded a consulting company with focus on data analysis (MDI) in Berlin. Training as Data Scientist in London, specializing in application of AI.

Specialization in the analysis of customer data. Development of adaptive methods for the analysis of decision processes in B2B.

With MDI: Setting up structures for determining Customer and Employee Experience on behalf of B2B companies from Europe and the USA, in 34 countries. Adaptation of analytical procedures in an intensive learning phase.

Founded a digital market research company in San Francisco with three colleagues (Modalis Inc.). Two years of growth, then bursting of the big Internet bubble and demise of the company.

until 2020

Rio de Janeiro
Middle East


until 2023


Re-placement of the methods to Europe, establishment of Metrinomics GmbH in Berlin. Development of Metrivox, a flexible, automatable analytics platform.

With Metrinomics: Worldwide projects of measurement and analysis of CX and EX in B2B markets. Focus on IT and telecommunications.

Development and establishment of a quality measurement system for European financial markets (Fund Buyer Focus) based in London.

Development of the platform 'Prosperland' as a digital product with application areas in HR, CX, and Smart City. Foundation of Prosperland GmbH.



Hans is married and lives in Wittenberge on the Elbe, halfway between Berlin and Hamburg. Family ties take him to Rio de Janeiro again and again.

Passions: saxophone, 'Artificial Life', Asian cuisine, Brazilian poetry, long-distance running.

Conference presentations (excerpt) 

About objective and subjective loyalty factors

From firefighting to fire prevention

Munich May 2015


From big data to core data - the seven factors that make up the customer experience

Nashville November 2016


Subjective Logic - What happens between loyalty and churn?

Shenzhen January 2017


User-centered IoT - the difference between biased subjective and flawed objective

Dallas March 2017


What AI teaches us about "quality"

and why perfection is a bad thing

Washington DC Jan 2018


Music educates AI - how robots learn to feel

London February 2019

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Hans Jürgen Schmolke

Prosperland Mastermind  -   CEO


+49 163 511 2981



Laborstraße 1

19322 Wittenberge 

Date of birth

17. Juni 1954

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