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The Human Ecosystem Blog

In this blog we talk about conditions for perceived quality of life. People live and work in communities and share work and goods. These communities define the basic human ecosystem in which people live and thrive. What determines an individual's well-being fundamentally are the factual and social conditions within those communities.

The fabric of our workday - or the ecosystem that we live and work in

By Hans J. Schmolke

Our virtual ‘growth lab’, where we use AI to understand the context of events in the long run to react well in the moment

Growing and taking root

Our work, our daily life at work, our working conditions have a great influence on our "quality of life". Not only because work fills a large part of the day, but also because it determines the opportunities to develop a life over time.

What contribution does "work" make to our quality of life? Overall, it can have both good and bad effects; we are almost never completely happy and relaxed.

To improve the quality of life, we ask the question: What are the "things" that happen during the day that are condensed into good and bad experiences? What are the elements that make our life grow?

We should not forget that constant well-being cannot be a goal. A tree that has never been exposed to a storm will fall at the first wind. The point is to grow, to become strong, no different for humans than for trees. Growing is the very meaning of life, and it works best in combination with rootedness. Rootedness, in turn, is something that makes us stay.

In this respect, a company is no different from any other social structure, such as a sports club or a political party. People want to grow, face challenges, work as a team, be recognized and respected, and belong.

This is what we call an ecosystem, a social structure that allows people to grow and encourages them to put down roots. We know it from nature - it can be green and lush or brown and dry. We understand immediately whether it is thriving or suffering.

Here we want to discuss the "why". We are looking for the logic behind creating better conditions for each of us to grow, especially in our work. To contribute as much as possible to the quality of life. Life does not make sense in parts.

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