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How does daily life affect your people?

Measuring and actively improving quality of life

A company is like a small town. There is traffic, there are neighborhoods, there are hierarchies, there is an interplay of people who want to achieve their own goals. What does this do to our everyday lives?
How do we feel supported or held back by the conditions in our surroundings? The conditions that shape this impression are the 'ecosystem' in which we live, with its strengths and weaknesses. It is the place in our everyday lives where we want to fulfill our tasks, achieve our goals and shape our future. 

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Social Sensor Points

In every community, there are certain issues or topics that have a critical impact on our perception of our daily lives. These topics, referred to as "social sensor points," act as sensitive indicators of the community's dynamics, reflecting its underlying values, beliefs, and tensions. They represent areas where individuals perceive the world from different angles, attributing varying levels of importance and significance to the matter at hand.


The significance of social sensor points lies in their ability to serve as barometers of the community's health and resilience. By closely monitoring these points, we can gain valuable insights into the community's evolving landscape, identify potential areas of conflict, and proactively address emerging challenges.

AI helps to measure relevance, consistency and track success. 


"A game changer for HR and Internal Communication"

Frank Wilcox

Head of HR Services


What Differentiates Us from Others?



Our AI uses employee check-ins to create a virtual world of how the conditions of the workplace affect wellbeing. All dispersed employees are included. VR is metaverse ready.


Empowerment & Growth

Unlike traditional platforms, Prosperland works from the bottom up. Employees are empowered to drive change, and change is a constant on the path to prosperity and growth.


Continuous & Real-time

Traditionally, EX is treated as feedback in cycles, creating results from the past. In Prosperland, it is the event that continuously creates reviews and generates actions in real time.


Intranet 2.0 & HR Integration

Prosperland uses the power of an emerging world of tools from Intranet 2.0 (communication) and HR Tech (administration) and integrates itself into the Microsoft 365 cosmos.


Focus on Change

Life is a mixture of sun and cloud. Whatever the starting point, it is only the direction of change that matters. All changes should have a positive effect on the quality of life. Or be adjusted. 



Prosperland traces 'wellbeing' and derives an AI-based model of 'diversity of impact'. ProsperAI is a scientific way to get an objective measure for subjective impressions.


Prosperland measures the well-being of employees at 80 "social sensor points" that can be critical to an individual's experience of the workday

Empower your people to grow with you - and with their teams

Employees are demanding more from their employers than they did before the pandemic, with the majority saying they would quit if they did not feel valued*.


This surprisingly clear finding confirms that the majority of employees are willing to take action if they don't feel good about their jobs, which has caused havoc across industries.


That's why it's increasingly important to focus on employee well-being. However, in an increasingly hybrid world, understanding employee well-being needs to be recaptured. There is a recent survey result on this as well.

Not only is employee retention declining, but social bonds with colleagues are being damaged, resulting in a 67% increase in remote workers feeling isolated.*

A strong company constists of strong teams strong teams consist of strong people.

Start with people!

What is important to create strong teams with strong people? 

Section 1

Shared Vision and Goals

Strong people tend to have a clear understanding of their goals and what they want to achieve. When such individuals come together as a team, they can work toward a common vision, which can help create a cohesive team with a shared sense of purpose.

Complementary Skills and Abilities

Strong individuals often have different skills and abilities that can complement each other. This can make the team more effective because each member can contribute in his or her area of expertise, allowing the team to tackle a wider range of challenges.

Accountability Responsability

Strong people tend to hold themselves and others accountable for their actions and responsibilities. When working in a team, this can create a culture of accountability, where team members take ownership of their tasks and ensure that they are completed to a high standard.


Strong individuals tend to have excellent communication skills, which can help foster open and transparent communication within the team. When team members feel comfortable expressing their ideas and opinions, it can lead to more innovative solutions and stronger team dynamics.


Strong people tend to be resilient and adaptable, which can help the team to weather challenges and setbacks. When faced with obstacles, strong individuals can remain focused and determined, which can inspire other team members to do the same. 

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Give autonomy to individuals, autonomy to teams, and let them create a powerful and effective organization that is capable of achieving great things.


Unifying a distributed workforce

Managing a distributed workforce requires a different set of skills and strategies than managing a traditional, face-to-face team. These are the key elements that need to be revisited often to overcome these challenges and build a successful hybrid team.


Working remotely can be isolating for team members, especially if they are working alone from home. This can lead to feelings of disconnection from the team and may impact employee engagement and motivation.


It can be difficult to monitor the productivity and progress of team members when they are working remotely. Other means to manage the efficiency of workflow are necessary. 


With scattered workforces, the security risks to company data and confidential information increase as access to these resources may become more difficult to manage and control.


Effective communication can be difficult when working with a scattered workforce, especially when team members are in different time zones or working different schedules. The decisive factor to check is the 'digital empathy', how far people get a sense for each other, using the new communication platfo


To work effectively from remote locations, team members require reliable technology and a stable internet connection. If this technology fails, it can result in significant disruptions to the workflow and negatively impact productivity.

Identification, autonomy and pride = loyalty

For continuous achievements in wellbeing, the Prosperland virtual ecosystem is a the reference

Transparent to all, impacted by everyone

A clear path to prosperity

Prosperland is a platform that unifies remote, hybrid, and in-office workers. It harnesses the power of the cloud and AI to bring together isolated perceptions of the same workday into a whole. This can be done in a virtual world that is accessible to all and that works scientifically in terms of measurement and analytics, so that the best path to well-being can be determined step by step.

The goal is to help all employees achieve a fulfilling workday that also leaves room for goals that counterbalance professional challenges.

At the same time, the individual growth of each employee is encouraged, both on a professional and personal level. Prosperland - a clear path to a future of well-being and personal growth for all, and an employee community where everyone is heard and seen.

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The Prosperland elements to make it work

The Target?

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Bonding strategy

  • Day-by-day improvements, measuring social sensor points

  • Empower people to impact their workday

  • Campaigns

  • Reward programs

  • Competitive games

  • Quick change projects

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Setting the rules

  • Tracking Logic

  • Social Sensor Points

  • Reporting structures 

  • KPI definition

  • Dashboards

Image by charlesdeluvio

Continuous checkups

  • Spontaneous pop-ups 

  • Situation based

  • Comparison: better? – worse?

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AI and statistics

  • Tracking changes

  • Suggesting action

  • Low hanging fruits

  • Challenges  - KPIs - To-dos

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Growth services

Gaining strength programs individually tailored in line with team development and corporate growth strategies



On the forum website you can create a new forum for your community and also manage other forum channels

Tippen auf dem Computer

Intranet integration

You can easily access your intranet, so you can manage your live blog posts and internal communication at the same time.

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Special Reports

  • CEO

  • Health and safety

  • Facility management

  • Internal communication

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