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Das Kernteam


Hans Jürgen Schmolke

Customer & Sales


Thomas Günther



Ruwen Poljak

AI & Backend

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Sohaila Elkhatib

Product Manager

Kaffeepause mit Freunden

Our self-conception

Prosperland is a SaaS software company aimed at B2B customers. We create virtual ecosystems that represent human "social bodies", like a company, a city, a sports club.


The ecosystem is operated and fed by members, employees and citizens. Ultimately, it shows the aggregated perception of everyday living conditions as perceived by people.


Prosperland initiates a continuous improvement of these conditions, which is also driven by the people. Prosperland proposes where measures should be taken and ultimately measures success.


Our work is based on an AI model that has matured over more than 20 years. We have developed CMath, 'Cultural Mathematics', an AI-based method for converting qualitative data into quantitative data. 


Wellbeing is the result of 'things' that happen to a person over time. It has social and personal elements that influence each other.

Prosperland looks at the person and a social body as a whole. It provides two sides: the organizational and the private view - with a firewall in between.


Prosperland focuses on the data of daily working conditions in the context of personal needs and expectations with a step-by-step approach to improvement.

Prosperland uses the analogy of the ecosystem to represent the organization as a unified body of living conditions.

Prosperland uses a gamification approach to engage, motivate and reward employees. It provides each employee with a portfolio of services and incentives that can be extended as an additional source of income.

Prosperland provides the company with a 'next step' approach that focuses on improving the quality of life.

Improvement' has a personal side in career development and personal growth.

Prosperland enables the company to help employees develop their skills and ultimately their personal wellbeing.


Prosperland supports working groups that discuss and decide on improvement measures. Prosperland works with internal communication platforms through which messages are disseminated. These communication platforms are an important element in closing the loop of signal and response. 


Accordingly, Prosperland's interface with the internal communication systems is diverse. It enables campaigns and serves as a signal generator for check-ups and as a channel for disseminating results. 


Prosperland is an offshoot and spin-off of Metrinomics ( 

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